Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lake Music

                                 Lake Champlain, October- Painting by Kevin Macneil Brown,
                              watercolor on paper, 2017

       With a sense of a cycle completed, I present this collection of three long, contemplative, immersive sound works inspired by journeys, inner and outer, along the shores and waters of Lake Champlain. This work is the culmination of many years of sound painting and exploration, and this release represents a completion and fulfillment. The three pieces are arranged into one inclusive work, reflecting a journey that begins with evocation, moves into exploration, and  at last becomes quiet contemplation. Thank you for listening. -KMB, 10/11/17.



Thursday, September 21, 2017

Harbor scenes, summer into fall

The long summer makes its way to fall. The angle and quality of light shifts, softens; colors in and on water, sky, and land-forms find different suffusions. This is my favorite season to paint.
                                                    Burlington Harbor, Lake Champlain
                                           Lake Champlain Sunset, No.2

                                         Paintings by Kevin Macneil Brown, watercolor on paper, 2017.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Three Watercolor Sketches from Oakledge

Three sketches made the same day, from the rocks at Oakledge Park.
Sketchbook pages by Kevin Macneil Brown, watercolor on paper, June 18, 2017.